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Successful As Possible

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5 Tips To Help Make Your Reception As Successful As Possible
By: Brian S. Redd

1 – When doing seating arrangements, Do Not Put Grandma In Front Of The Speakers.
Your older guests usually want to chat. Even at lower dinner music volumes, they
may have a hard time doing so. The most ideal spot for Grandma would be as far
away from the DJ as possible. Typically, your younger guests should have no
problem hearing & engaging in conversation at those tables closest to the sound
2 – When making your floor plan, let your DJ help. Catering and wedding planners can
put together some beautiful floor plans that work well for food & beverage. However,
an experienced DJ will be able to give you some great tips on arranging a room to
maximize the overall success for the entertainment portion of the evening.

3 – Have a flow chart for the evening. Flow Charts are the best way to organize
everything from cocktails & dinner to cake cutting & dancing. Your DJ can help make
a timeline that works for you. The specific times you outline may not actually work
out to-the-minute, but it will for sure make the evening flow smoother without
accidently leaving anything out.

4 – If you have a wedding planner, don’t forget to connect them with the DJ. This is
overlooked more often than you would think. When it comes to a well planned
reception, it’s always best when all of your venders are on the same page.

5 – Hire a DJ you trust. This person will play a big part in the most important day of
your life. Regardless of price, make sure it’s someone you like, understands what
you want & don’t want, and can Help Make Your Reception As Successful As Possible.

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