Specializing in...  WEDDINGS AND RECEPTIONS
                           CORPORATE EVENTS, Christmas Parties, picnics
                                  PRIVATE EVENTS, Birthday, Retirement, Anniversary

Also Greensburg, and Cumberland Md

HELLO, My name is DJ Brian VOGEL of Johnstown Pa and I want to be the LIFE OF
YOUR PARTY! If you are looking for a DJ that offers GOOD TIMES at AFFORDABLE
RATES with QUALITY EQUIPMENT --I could be the life of your party! Your DJ, your
        My Goal is to meet your expectation with:
                      Experience, commitment, quality and planning.
                      We provide personal consultation prior to your event as needed!
                      Set up of equipment will be completed at least two hours before
                        your guests arrive.
                      We have on site backup equipment set up and in place!       

My mission is to help you create a wedding and reception that is right for you. With
more than a decade of professional wedding entertainment and event consulting
experience, I am fully prepared to satisfy your entertainment and party needs.

 Whether the reception you are planning is small and intimate or large and grand, I
want you to have a worry-free experience so that you can enjoy this very special
celebration with your family and friends.

I am not just a DJ. I am the one planning the order of your event. From beginning to
end. From when the 1st quest arrives to the last dance with everything in between.

I am not going to tell you I have a million songs. What I do have is your music. I play a
wide range of music. Please feel free to tell what you wish to hear and I am sure we will
have it or will get it.

Your wedding reception is going to be one of the more important days in your lives.  
Planning your reception takes time.  DJ Brian Vogel will work very closely with you on
both the music selection and ceremonial events taking place throughout the event.

   ALL weddings are unique, so we listen to YOU and what the two of you want for
yourselves and guests in attendance.  Do you want to work on a particular theme?  We
will help you with that as well.

I will announce all of your ceremonial events/announcements and I do coordinate all
events with the photographer/videographer and caterer.  I do not get on the microphone
between every song, I DO NOT run around the room wearing some costume (like a
chicken hat!) trying to get the guests on the floor.

It helps to be more "low profile" rather than "high profile."

The brides and grooms are always the STARS of the wedding. NOT the DJs. I believe
that the reception is honoring the two of you, so I do not try to be the “star” of the
show.  I will interact with guests in a outgoing and friendly manor.

Also, I work very closely with you.  Encourage as many meetings as you would like to
have, and at no extra charge.  Come out to your area for the meetings, no need for you
to travel.  You are encourage that you call or email as often as you need, because the
more I know about you and what you're looking for, the better it is for the both of us.  
EVERY wedding is different and important to us!
                     814 341 1053